Improve safety and productivity with Proximie data insight solutions.

Our platform creates a holistic clinical and operational record for analysis to empower hospitals, surgeons, and medical device companies with insight that saves lives and drives business forward.

Two surgeons chatting in an operating room, alongside Proximie data infographics.

Operate brilliantly with sharp insight and smart tools.

Inspire a culture of continuous improvement.

Provide the objective, data-driven feedback that fosters a culture of self-awareness, reflection, and learning.

Empower surgeons with new tools.

Give surgeons insight into their procedures and technique, and empower them with personalized tips and procedural guidance when they need it most.

Reveal patterns and trends.

Compare procedures to see where they were performed, who was present, what tools were used, how long steps took, and where complications occurred.

Encode and share best practices.

Objectively measure performance and identify the best practices and benchmarks that motivate career-long growth.

Reduce adverse events.

Analyze video data to pinpoint where similar procedures went right and wrong, identify the root causes of errors, and learn from best practices.

Drive productivity and streamline operations.

Improve your on time starts and room turnover rate, reduce supply chain costs, and optimize staff allocation and workflows.

Single-source of truth

Obtain a comprehensive single-source of truth of OR room events

How it Works

Capture video data.

Use your own cameras or our turnkey video solution—PxKit and PxLens—to upload data to the cloud. Code and record every procedure to power analytics.

How it Works

Automate insight generation.

Dashboards reveal usage trends and patterns in your organization. See who is recording procedures and who is viewing content, as well as procedural insights—time, staff, and location.

How it Works

Measure and act on opportunities.

Generate reports on clinical and operational metrics. Compare metrics to understand what impacts outcomes and efficiency. Measure changes in metrics over time.

Drive a sea change in safety and productivity with data insights.

Single source of truth.

  • Create a video archive of every procedure
  • Integrate data from med devices
  • Connect to patient health info

Video machine learning and AI.

  • Use video to power data analytics
  • Enable AI-powered apps and tools

Private and secure.

  • Anonymize patient information
  • Adherent to the latest local privacy policies
  • Robust access and sharing controls
Dr. Joe Dusseldorp
Recording data streams from room cameras, operating table light cameras as well as the operative robot and microscope has led to unexpected insights into potential efficiency and ergonomic modifications of the procedure.

Operate with the full power of Proximie.

Surgical procedure in operating room with Proximie UI on a screen.

Enter any OR from anywhere, in real time.

Our best-in-class telepresence creates high-fidelity access to procedures, so they can be proctored from anywhere or used to scale training efforts.

Turn surgical expertise into shareable content.

We empower hospitals, surgeons, and medical device companies to capture video data so they can hone their skills and share expertise with colleagues around the world.

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