Why choose Proximie?

Finding the right technology to streamline efficiency and performance in your operating room (OR) can be overwhelming - but it doesn’t have to be. When you choose Proximie, you can rest assured that you are getting the very best platform available, that it will integrate seamlessly with your OR to digitally transform your workflow - with amazing results.

What Proximie offers is best-in-class. Whether that be in terms of the range of clinical support we offer, our real-time functionality, the security of the software and connection, or the ease with which Proximie can be integrated into your OR.

Read on for the four things that you need to look for in your OR technology platform - four things which Proximie provides to the highest standard.

Clinical support: Creating a centralised digital ecosystem within the OR

Proximie redefines clinical support by creating a dynamic, interconnected environment within the OR. This centralised digital ecosystem facilitates the continuous flow of information to and from the OR.

Proximie is just one single platform, but it can meet a huge variety of needs across your system or enterprise and benefits all healthcare stakeholders, from surgeons and OR teams to hospital leadership:

You need telepresence? Proximie transcends traditional limitations by enabling real-time communication; surgeons can collaborate live with specialists and mentors regardless of location, sharing and gaining access to surgical expertise in an instant, in ways that have never before been possible.

You need content management? Proximie gives you the power to easily create, edit, store and distribute video content, enhancing your institution’s ability to provide training, mentorship and review of procedures.

You need data insights? Proximie will securely capture, manage and analyse a range of procedure data. This data stream unlocks actionable intelligence for performance and workflow management and continuous improvement.

Real-time Functionality: Enabling 360 view and interactive collaboration

Proximie’s functionality is second to none: our platform provides best-in-class real time virtual procedure room experience. Crystal clear telepresence, as if you were in the room.  

Providing up to four low-latency HD camera feeds - while PxLens offers the option of a surgeon-eye view - Proximie captures a complete and unimpeded record of any procedure, including every interaction that takes place within the OR. Cameras can be placed anywhere in the room to provide the optimal perspective, while data feeds from medical devices are incorporated easily into the stream.

Proximie’s platform also enables users to take part in live participant chat during streams, as well as making it possible to provide real-time annotation for feeds - features which are as invaluable for remote guidance as they are for training.

Whether procedures are being streamed or recorded, used for training, review or data collection, Proximie’s unparalleled functionality ensures video will be captured, stored and managed securely and without interruption.

“Proximie’s functionality is second to none: our platform provides best-in-class real time virtual procedure room experience. Crystal clear telepresence, as if you were in the room.”

Security - Keeping your data safe

Proximie uses the cloud to store your data securely, because your OR is actually the least effective place to hold data. Unlike many platforms, with Proximie, you own your data, and it’s never at risk. Proximie is built from the ground up without reliance on third parties. This ensures a secure and reliable platform with uniquely secure data transmission protocols.

“...with Proximie, you own your data.”

Proximie is secure by design - you can’t access the system without permission - and by keeping data on the cloud, we minimise the risk of data exposure while also making your content easier to manage and share with anyone to whom access has been - or will be - granted. That means using the cloud makes it significantly easier to collaborate with permitted individuals for the purposes of training or skill development.

Our partnership with Amazon Web Services ensures your data will always be kept securely protected, as well as instantly accessible whenever you need it.

Flexibility - Seamless Integration, Vendor Neutral and Accessible Anywhere

Proximie is designed by surgeons, for surgeons - so we know how important it is that any tool in your arsenal works perfectly and integrates into your OR without interrupting the surgical process. Proximie is designed to seamlessly be always on, capturing and storing valuable data securely.

This is why we’ve made sure from the start that Proximie is an open platform that will work in all health settings and is a vendor-neutral platform; this means it works with absolutely any medical device in your OR. It also features an intuitive dashboard that makes it extremely simple to create, edit and join sessions.

Proximie is optimised for phones, tablets and desktops - so wherever you are in the world, whatever equipment you’re using, Proximie will ensure that you can get a session up and running in minutes.

So, in the end, the question perhaps shouldn’t be: “Why choose Proximie?” The question should be: “Why aren’t I using Proximie already?”

“Proximie is an open platform that will work in all health settings and is a vendor-neutral platform…”

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