The healthcare platform to share knowledge and save lives.

Proximie is the first healthcare platform to combine telepresence, content management, and data insights. It’s how to share expertise from anywhere, and use data from procedures to drive safety and productivity.

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Enter any OR from anywhere, in real time.

Our best-in-class telepresence creates high-fidelity access to procedures, so they can be proctored from anywhere or used to scale training efforts.

Proximie video editing UI.
Content Management

Turn surgical expertise into shareable content.

We empower hospitals and surgeons to capture video data so they can hone their technique, share their expertise, and showcase their skills with colleagues around the world.

Data Insights

Incisive insight. Decisive results.

Proximie integrates data from the operating room, medical devices, and patient health information to generate insights that drive productivity and improve the patient care journey.

Two surgeons chatting in an operating room, alongside Proximie data infographics.
Mr. Andrea Bille
Proximie has created an integrated platform for the world’s most senior surgeons to provide the opportunity for virtual observership alongside face to face interaction.

Plug-and-play safety, efficiency, and insight.

With our hardware and software solutions you can stream video from the OR, create and share your own content, and derive new insights from your data—all in minutes.


  • Wireless cameras for multiple views of procedure and OR
  • Run Proximie sessions from dedicated tablet
  • Small footprint for always-on recording


  • Wearable smart glasses using Vuzix(R)
  • Hands-free, surgeon’s-eye view
  • Put them on, stream in minutes
  • Request a Demo of PxLens
PxLens by Vuzix.


  • A zero-footprint solution for integrated clinical care areas
  • Utilize existing OR infrastructure
  • “Always On” functionality
  • Compatible with any third party device

Why Proximie? We’re solving the biggest challenges in healthcare technology.

Proximie is built around the workflow of your OR and designed to scale as your needs evolve. Our platform can be up and running in minutes and used immediately to capture data and share expertise.

  • Only a laptop or mobile device needed
  • Turnkey video capture with PxKit and PxLens
  • Open platform to connect existing hardware
  • Minimal OR footprint, best-in-class UI

Our cloud-based software integrates with any medical device, imaging technology, and robotic system. And you can deploy Proximie anywhere—from OR’s, cath labs, and simulation labs, to interventional radiology and endoscopy suites—no matter the IT infrastructure.

  • Multiple video feeds capture the full OR
  • Integrate data from any medical device
  • Securely share information in real time
  • Access it all from anywhere and any device

As policies evolve, count on Proximie to meet the most current and stringent security standards, anywhere in the world. Our cloud-based architecture and proprietary video stack enable constant adherence to local privacy laws.

  • Compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, and more
  • Robust authentication processes ensure authorized access
  • All data is encrypted at transmission and at rest
  • Federated data architecture ensures customers control their data and where it’s stored
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