Share and showcase your expertise with Proximie’s healthcare platform.

Best-in-class telepresence empowers surgeons to proctor and train from anywhere. Powerful content management tools make it easy to create and share videos of your procedures—from routine to career-defining.

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Show the world your skills.

With Proximie, you have a platform to share your expertise with a global network of experts. Whether you want to raise your profile or help more patients, we can empower you with the reach to make it happen.

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Proximie UI on a tablet.

Scale your mentorship.

Expand training opportunities through live telepresence sessions or recorded video content. More trainees can observe your procedures. And you can provide feedback to more trainees without being there in person.

Measure everything. Outperform everyone.

Record every procedure to assess your technique with a clarity and precision akin to top athletes. So you know where you excel and where you can get better.

Proximie UI on a tablet.
Proximie UI on a tablet.

Operate brilliantly with smart tools.

Analyze video data to identify best practices, pinpoint where similar procedures went right and wrong, get personalized tips and suggestions, and even enable real-time procedural guidance.

Dr. Albert El Hajj
Proximie facilitates intraoperative consultation through remote ‘hands-on’ virtual assistance and video annotation. It helps get real time remote guidance and support needed from other surgeons and medical teams.

Proximie unifies telepresence, content management, and data insights.

Our platform enables the global medical community to create and share information at a whole new scale. With Proximie, there are no limits to providing better patient care and outcomes.

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