Drive new levels of safety and savings with Proximie’s healthcare platform.

We empower hospitals to improve care and drive productivity by creating new ways to share expertise, manage video content, and analyze data from procedures.

Patient in a wheelchair celebrating with full medical team.

Create a culture of safety.

Record video data from procedures to create the objective awareness that spurs a culture of assessment, learning, and safety. So surgeons have the insight they need to continuously improve patient care.

Surgeon helping colleague scrub in to operating room.
Surgical procedure in operating room with Proximie UI on a screen.

Accelerate your training.

Train faster by enabling clinicians to observe procedures, learn techniques, and exchange feedback—from anywhere and any device. So surgeons always have the insight and know-how to stay at the top of their game.

Find new efficiencies faster.

Analyze video data to reveal patterns and trends in procedures. So you can act on the insights that drive cost savings, process improvements, and better outcomes for more patients.

Proximie UI on a tablet.
Two surgeons performing a surgical procedure in an operating room.

Monetize your skills and expertise.

Market your clinical insights, operational best practices, and offer virtual fellowships. So you can develop new lines of business and raise your institution's profile and prestige.

Dr. Alaaeldin (Alaa) Ahmad
We are raising the bar with Proximie. I am proctoring physicians who are doing things they never thought possible, even a few years ago. Proximie enables continuous learning, even when I am living and working in another country.

Proximie unifies telepresence, content management, and data insights.

Our platform enables the global medical community to create and share information at a whole new scale. With Proximie, there are no limits to providing better patient care and outcomes.

Proximie UI on a tablet and mobile phone.
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