Welcome to Proximie

We build augmented reality technology that helps surgeons get remote assistance and training from anywhere in the world.

“We are excited to use the Proximie platform. Yale is always at the forefront of innovation and technology, and Proximie enables us to use augmented reality to provide a rich and innovative learning experience for our students.”

– Dr. Charles Duncan, Yale Medical School

Who We Are

We are a team of clinicians, engineers and designers who are passionate about improving healthcare.

At Proximie we believe everyone should benefit from the same high quality of healthcare and training opportunities, no matter where they live.  Proximie is using cutting-edge technology to deliver this vision around the world through our live augmented reality products.

Proximie is a truly global company, with teams throughout Europe, the US and the Middle East, working to transform practice and education for healthcare professionals, and improve outcomes for their patients.

What We Do

Proximie uses augmented reality technology to bring cutting-edge, collaborative, visualization tools to the healthcare community. Our live Augmented Reality product enables clinicians to virtually scrub into any clinical setting, in real-time, increasing access to high-quality surgical care, improving patient outcomes, reducing costs and delivering a highly engaging training experience.


How We Do It

Proximie is a secure, HIPAA compliant and UK/NHS N3 approved SAAS product.  It is device and platform agnostic. It requires minimal bandwidth, so it can be deployed in almost any healthcare setting from remote rural hospitals to specialist tertiary centers. We have designed Proximie to be as simple as possible to implement, intuitive and engaging to use.  If required, we can integrate with external data feeds, including EMR and medical imaging systems, to support clinical decision making through a combined AR view.