Proximie and AWS have a shared vision to improve patient outcomes and accelerate the digitization and utilization of their data.

AWS provides the cloud compute to power Proximie to share, store and generate insights from the world’s best surgical expertise. Working together, the technology can be scaled securely across the globe, as we seek to end healthcare inequality.  AWS cloud compute enables a limited hardware footprint for Proximie in the OR, and fast routing of video streams to surgical participants around the world.

Proximie: Digital surgery enabled by AWS.

"AWS is a partner in a true sense. They are supportive without being intrusive, and have, for example, provided useful technical feedback around our architecture. For the most part, that feedback has been used to reaffirm technical decisions we wanted to take, but the level of detail has been such that we know it isn’t a general ‘gold star’ homework mark that everyone gets.”

Key AWS features that power Proximie’s success globally

Regional Video Data Storage

AWS’ Global Accelerator is the connecting technology that enables Proximie to securely and transparently store surgical video data everywhere in the world. Customers and users know they are fully compliant with local data laws and regulations, which is especially important in the context of healthcare data.

Dynamic Service Provision

AWS ECS provisions dedicate containerized hardware at the outset of every session; this provides network level separation of sessions to ensure quality and security, giving users and patients complete peace of mind. Quality across multiple participants also remains high throughout sessions, due to dynamic service provision.