Be there, from anywhere with Proximie telepresence solutions.

Our best-in-class surgical telepresence solution lets you enter the operating room from anywhere, in real time. It’s how to share life-saving expertise at the moment it’s needed.

Surgical procedure in an operating room with Proximie UI on a screen.

Better outcomes start by creating unlimited access to procedures.

Receive real-time guidance.

Share expertise—or get second opinions—to help surgeons perform their best.

Expand and accelerate training.

Enable more trainees to observe procedures and learn from expert surgeons.

Provide accurate assessment.

Empower surgeons with the feedback they need to continuously improve.

Boost efficiency and reach.

Increase the impact of your experts and connect with more customers, without the cost or time of travel.

Decrease variability.

Through better, unrestrained training.

Proximie UI on a tablet.
How it Works

Capture video from any source.

Use existing cameras or our turnkey headset and wireless camera solutions. Place cameras anywhere for a complete, unimpeded view. Seamlessly integrate video feeds from robots and imaging devices.

How it Works

Schedule secure sessions.

Invite and moderate participants from anywhere in the world. Sessions are securely encrypted and adhere to local privacy policies.

Proximie UI on a mobile phone.
How it Works

Connect from any device.

Participants can join sessions from any device. They can provide guidance, ask questions, and share hand drawn annotations.

Expertise is always in sight with simple, crystal-clear telepresence.

Up and running in minutes.

  • Turnkey telepresence solution with PxKit and PxLens
  • Open platform for seamless device integration
  • Intuitive dashboard to create, edit, and join sessions

Complete picture of the procedure.

  • Up to 4 low-latency HD camera feeds
  • Place cameras anywhere for full perspective
  • Wearable PxLens for surgeon-eye view
  • Integrate data feeds from med devices

Highest quality, even with low bandwidth.

  • Fully owned, operated, and customized video stack provides top quality
  • Optimized for low latency or limited bandwidth
  • 99.95% uptime reliability

Access from anywhere, any device.

  • Cloud-based software and native app
  • Optimized for phone, tablet, and desktop
  • Sessions can be recorded, shared, and viewed

Natural, immersive interactions.

  • Video communication
  • Live participant chat
  • Annotate individual feeds

Always secure and compliant.

  • Privacy Control tool to conceal patient information
  • Adhere to the latest local privacy policies
  • Authentication processes ensure authorized access
Mr. Andrea Bille
Proximie has created an integrated platform for the world’s most senior surgeons to provide the opportunity for virtual observership alongside face to face interaction.

Operate with the full power of Proximie.

Turn surgical expertise into shareable content.

We empower hospitals, surgeons, and medical device companies to capture video data so they can hone their skills and share expertise with colleagues around the world.

Two surgeons chatting in an operating room, alongside Proximie data infographics.

Uncover the insights in every procedure.

We integrate video from the OR, data from medical devices, and patient health information to generate insights that drive productivity and improve care.

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