We enable expertise to flow where it’s needed to improve care.

Proximie empowers healthcare organizations, surgeons, and medical device companies to share expertise and uncover the data-driven insight that improves patient outcomes and drives productivity.

Heroic portrait of female surgeon.
Healthcare Organizations

Inspire a culture of safety, accelerate training, and drive productivity.

Patient in a wheelchair celebrating with full medical team.
Female surgeon with Proximie UI on a mobile phone.

Enable surgeons to share their expertise and improve patient outcomes.

Medical Device Companies

Accelerate product adoption by giving sales and education teams greater access and reach.

Medical device sales rep chatting with a surgeon, alongside Proximie UI on a tablet.
Dr. Joe Dusseldorp
Live sharing of surgical techniques is the future of surgical education, replacing the slow, firewalled, and siloed repository of information.

Proximie unifies telepresence, content management, and data insights.

Our platform enables the global medical community to create and share information at a whole new scale. With Proximie, there are no limits to providing better patient care and outcomes.

Proximie UI on a tablet and mobile phone.
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