Create and share video with Proximie content management solutions.

With Proximie, you can transform individual expertise into shareable video content, so more surgeons can access the know-how that drives better patient outcomes.

Proximie video editing UI.

Improve safety and productivity by recording every procedure—from routine to career-defining.

Showcase skills. Share expertise.

Empower surgeons to extend their expertise beyond their own procedures, so they can highlight their skills and help more patients.

Scale your training efforts.

Enable trainees to observe more procedures by reviewing case videos. Equip surgeons to assess and provide feedback to more trainees, without attending every procedure.

Hone your technique.

Assess your surgical skills with a precision and insight akin to top athletes, so you can see where you excel and where you can improve.

Develop new lines of business.

Join our creator platform to explore new ways to monetize expertise and raise your organization's profile.

Proximie UI on a laptop.
How it Works

Save video to the cloud.

Record a Proximie session or upload your own content. Everything is stored in our cloud-based content library.

Proximie video editing UI.
How it Works

Edit and annotate clips.

Organize volumes of video and easily edit and annotate clips to create impactful content.

Proximie UI on a mobile phone.
How it Works

Securely share video.

Access videos from anywhere, on any device. Control your content with tools to anonymize patient information and govern usage privileges.

Capture, edit, and share video with intuitive content management tools.

Cloud-based library.

  • Upload video from any source
  • Search and view all recordings from your organizations
  • Access and share from anywhere

Intuitive video editing.

  • Quickly find important clips by case
  • Crop videos down to key moments
  • Add annotations for context and clarity

Assured privacy and compliance.

  • Anonymize patient information
  • Determine access privileges
  • Adhere to the latest local privacy policies

New monetization channels.

  • Monetize access to video content
  • Create new partnerships and lines of business
  • Use the content in your marketing efforts
Mr. Andrea Bille
I use Proximie to record every procedure I perform, allowing me to go back and review the procedure and refine my techniques. Once complete, my 300+ recordings will constitute a library of pretty much any possible thoracic procedure.

Operate with the full power of Proximie.

Surgical procedure in operating room with Proximie UI on a screen.

Enter any OR from anywhere, in real time.

Our best-in-class telepresence creates high-fidelity access to procedures, so they can be proctored from anywhere or used to scale training efforts.

Two surgeons chatting in an operating room, alongside Proximie data infographics.

Uncover the insights in every procedure.

We integrate video from the OR, data from medical devices, and patient health information to generate insights that drive productivity and improve care.

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