To my fellow surgeons: You are #TheHours you put in

Proximie CEO Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram launches #TheHours, a new campaign to highlight how control over your time is evolving for every surgeon thanks to technology.

I wanted to introduce #TheHours — which is designed to showcase the three Ps of Proximie: prepare, perform and perfect, and highlight the incredible community of world-class physicians that are using it.

Throughout history surgeons have been judged on one simple measurement — time. The time in the operating theatre, the time learning. It’s the central yardstick. A rather simplistic approach in truth, but it has always been about experience. Physician burn-out is an ever present concern and topic, yet Proximie is empowering surgeons to get more out of their hours, to take back some of that time; we are part of the solution and evolution of healthcare. With Proximie we are providing new ways to facilitate that. New ways to prepare, perform and perfect your craft.

To see the innovative ways clinicians are harnessing the power of our platform makes me incredibly proud. Its use pre, during and after surgery, to empower experienced and trainee surgeons alike, is a real testament to the work we are all doing.

There are some lines in the script that really resonate with me, as a surgeon, and a Proximie user. “You are the hours you put in.” I’m a big believer in this as a surgeon. If we want to be the best we can be and learn as much as possible, we have to put those hours in. I think you can apply this mentality to all walks of life, to each and every individual pursuit of being better. As a surgeon, from the moment you start learning, your time in the operating room, the hours under your belt, they seem to define you. Our platform unlocks operating rooms around the world, enabling any surgeon to get those crucial hours under their belts. In their own way. On their terms.

The most striking line from the film is this: “Surgery doesn’t stop when you leave the operating room.” As true for the next generation of surgeons, as it is for the experienced ones addressing the backlog of surgery around the world.

I hope you enjoy it. Here’s to #TheHours. Join us today.

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