Proximie has already helped surgeons operate in 4 continents. With a growing team, we’re excited to bring our service to even more countries.

Operation Gaza


February 2016



February 2016

Facing The World in Vietnam


February 2016

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Challenges Facing Healthcare

Proximie is jointly designed by clinicians and engineers to solve key challenges facing the healthcare industry

Reduced access to expert care in the peripheries

Burgeoning costs and overstretched infrastructure

Reduced ‘real-life’ training opportunities

Costly training and support for medical suppliers

Lack of access to specialist surgeons in developing countries and conflict zones

Limited Innovation in AR in the healthcare Industry

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Read our at-a-glance guide to what our augmented platform is all about, and why embracing computer technology advances is necessary to transform healthcare.

Benefiting medical students

The medical community has recognized the value that Proximie provides and we have developed a number of key partnerships


We are proud of the recognition and many awards we have recieved including: 

  • Royal Society of Medicine Innovation & eHealth award, 1st Prize, UK
  • MIT Enterprise Forum & Tech Wadi Prize for best Startup, 1st Prize, Silicon Valley
  • Selected as a showcase technology at Qatar Foundation WISH 2016

Proximie is also committed to social impact projects that transform global surgery through NGOs

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