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Patient safety in surgery: The urgent need for reform.

Surgeon holds the hand of a patient

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Surgical teams across the UK are currently operating under immense pressure. Multi-faceted challenges such as workforce and capacity, are having a significant impact on patient safety and experience. To access our latest whitepaper please fill out the form.

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Pursuing a safety-first approach to surgery.

“We have a great opportunity to improve patient safety in surgery, but as our report sets out, we must first address a number of challenges. By working together as a healthcare sector, we can identify new opportunities to improve patient safety. Innovative technology can play a vital role in this change. We hope our report will amplify this important conversation and support a safety-first approach to surgery.”

Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram, CEO of Proximie and Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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Proximie can help to unlock many benefits that not only improve patient safety, increase training, and enhance productivity – but also help to unlock efficiencies in your Hospital.

1. The calculations are based on national averages and aim to provide an indication of potential savings only. A number of assumptions were made in these calculations including the average number of harmful events per theatre per year, the average number of cases per theatre per year, average number of training hours delivered by consultants, and financial costs associated with them.