Proxime platform launches its latest innovation to enable doctors to share their personal insights during surgeries

April 2023
Middle East Business

Proximie, the leading provider of medical technology for digitally connected operating rooms, has announced the launch of the PxLens smart glasses device, the platform's latest innovation in its growing portfolio of solutions designed to accelerate healthcare transformation in the GCC.

The PxLens is a lightweight, wearable "smart eyewear" device with built-in software. The head-mounted device allows surgeons to share a "first-person" perspective on both open and minimally invasive surgeries. What makes PxLens unique in the market is the level of seamless integration with the cloud-based interactive Proxime platform, which ensures surgical teams and specialists can be present, telepresence, content management and insights from the operating room. In addition to collecting all the data that can be used later.