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ISHA and Proximie partnership

ISHA and Proximie are working in partnership to scale surgical expertise for the benefit of patient care. Via Proximie’s collaborative augmented reality technology, where surgeons are virtually transported into the operating theatre, the global transfer of surgical expertise is enabled in a compliant, scalable and interactive manner.

By connecting you, an ISHA member, to the platform, you will have the chance to interact with ‘live’ surgeries using audio, visual and augmented reality features for a highly differentiated and engaging experience. The Proximie platform also┬ápresents the potential ability for ISHA members to be remotely proctored by a global expert from any location in order to enhance their surgical techniques.

Watch our video to see more of Proximie’s capabilities and what it can offer you.

Our work with ISHA

Read how Proximie is helping ISHA achieve its mission of promoting and improving patient care through collaboration and education for its members.

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