The blueprint to unlocking ultimate surgical performance: The operating system of the Operating Room

The blueprint to unlocking ultimate surgical performance: The operating system of the Operating Room

Proximie launches new Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable every element of an Operating Room to be digitally connected and data-driven.

Proximie recently announced the launch of its first Software Development Kit (“SDK”) - a blueprint for the first operating system within an operating room (OR).

The benefits of Proximie’s SDK milestone are significant for many stakeholders, particularly medical device organisations and robotics developers.

As the domain experts and with over eight years experience, Proximie has developed the SDK as a means to enable all medical device organisations to seamlessly collect, connect, activate and improve every single element of their infrastructure, turning the once analogue and wasteful OR, into a digitally-connected, data-driven blueprint for future healthcare delivery.

The SDK will unite the varied medical equipment and respective data from any given OR, allowing connectivity and analysis on an unparalleled scale. This enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and robotic platforms to bypass the lengthy and costly process of building their siloed data aggregators from scratch, and therefore empowering our partners to focus their resources on what they do best; developing the best devices for their customers.

“The SDK will unite the varied medical equipment and respective data from any given OR, allowing connectivity and analysis on an unparalleled scale.”

Proximie’s SDK will create a single source of truth that will accelerate:

1) Global collaboration via the SDK’s cloud-based network of connected devices, that will ultimately improve efficiencies using Proximie’s unique combination of telepresence, content management, and data insights.

2) Accelerate OEMs and robotic system innovations and enable faster updates to enter the market quicker, safer and effectively.

3) Improve and accelerate training on new or existing devices and robotics systems.

4) Democratise access to too often siloed research and innovation at scale.

By using the SDK, developers will gain unprecedented control over Proximie’s pioneering cloud-based infrastructure on their own terms. This will allow any OEM full access to all of their device data in one centralised Operating System; in an easy-to-use, globally compliant, certified and safe, federated data aggregator. The SDK will unite all of an OEM’s equipment performance data into a sophisticated digital enterprise solution, that can be seamlessly and securely scaled, using a single private tenancy base.

Through the use of Proximie’s SDK, valuable surgical data can highlight the objective performance of any medical device, robotic system, or individual in the OR. This data can be leveraged during live surgical procedures in real-time and also analysed at scale; before, during and after surgery, using Proximie’s library of surgical content, which is currently the largest of its kind in the world. This seamless data capture, which effectively reveals a single source of truth from any given procedure or device in the OR has the capacity to improve patient safety and make surgery, and the OR, more productive, more efficient, more sustainable and more profitable.

Where previously these digital devices would sit in a dark, siloed and closed environment and would operate on entirely separate infrastructures built by different manufactures, the SDK now becomes the central digital conduit to unite the unique powers of every new and existing technology within any given OR. Proximie's SDK becomes a catalyst for interoperability in its truest sense, unifying all of these devices under an intuitive and easy to use, co-developed, cloud-based software platform. By bringing this data and analysis together and by playing these insights back into the healthcare systems from which they came, we can truly democratise healthcare - from high-end to one-bed hospitals.

"Proximie's SDK becomes a catalyst for interoperability in its truest sense..."

The SDK was launched at Slush by Proximie’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram FRCS (Plast), BEM, and Richard Carter, VP of Engineering at Proximie. Dr. Hachach-Haram demonstrated the SDK’s capabilities via a unique, ‘PxMoggy’ robot.

Proximie has established partnerships with over 35 of the leading medical device organisations in the world. For example, in 2022 its collaboration with Teladoc led to a fully integrated robot that enabled authorised remote participants to reposition cameras to enable better views of the surgical procedure. The same technology has been used to make the PxMoggy wave and move, so supporting live video feeds and device control on even the most constrained electronic platforms such as biometric sensors, and even within single use electronics such as endoscope tubes.

Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram, Founder and CEO of Proximie, said:

"This is a milestone in enabling the digitization of operating rooms worldwide. With our new SDK, Proximie has launched a blueprint for the accelerated innovation of medical technology systems globally - helping developers to develop, test, launch and monitor platforms quicker and more comprehensively than ever before. These enhanced platforms will enable surgeons to deliver care quicker and more effectively. Demand for advanced medical devices and robotics will only continue to grow, given the potential for these systems to improve surgical productivity and patient safety.”
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