Proximie functions that put the ‘presence’ in telepresence

Proximie functions that put the ‘presence’ in telepresence

From Kenya to Kentucky, Proximie’s best-in-class telepresence technology is facilitating real-time collaboration between healthcare teams around the world.

Proximie’s platform offers a dazzling array of innovative features that make it easy and intuitive to share expertise or provide guidance, expand and accelerate training, and provide direct and targeted feedback during or after any procedure. No competitor can match Proximie’s seamless ability to record from four different and unobstructed viewpoints simultaneously, providing an HD, low-latency, 360-degree view of every angle of the OR, eliciting a comprehensive understanding of each surgical procedure.

Built with accessibility in mind, Proximie can be used by anyone in any given healthcare system, using simply an internet-connected mobile, tablet or laptop, you can plug-and-play video from the OR, create and share your own content, and derive new insights from your data — all in minutes. Proximie is designed by surgeons for surgeons, and - better still - shaped by feedback from the very healthcare teams who use it, ensuring it’s the ultimate tech platform for any operating room.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the amazing features that make Proximie an indispensable tool for anyone looking to stream or archive surgical procedures for remote guidance, training or mentoring.

Hand Pointer Tool​

The Hand Pointer is just what it sounds like - a hand-shaped cursor that enables a user to quickly and precisely point to something on a video feed without having to draw (and then remove) annotations. A time-saving tool that makes it easy to indicate what you’re referring to without having to explain verbally.

Annotation Pen​

Need to draw focus to something - or several things - for more than a moment? The Annotation Pen is the Hand Pointer’s big brother, allowing users to literally draw on the live feed with circles, arrows or any other mark they feel will express what they need to communicate most effectively.

Meanwhile, the Annotation Display feature allows users to choose whether to see the annotations from the session or not with a simple toggle button.​

Session Chat​

Instant communication is the cornerstone of collaboration, and Proximie Session Chat makes it simple to send chat messages to everyone in the session in an instant: it’s as easy as typing your message and clicking the send icon. N.B. chat messages are not recorded when users are recording a session.


This function makes it possible for users to dedicate one of the camera feeds to sharing your screen - ideal for showing information that all participants in the session would benefit from viewing. An excellent teaching tool, it could, for example, be used to demonstrate a technique by playing back a stream of a pre-recorded procedure, and annotating this to draw viewers’ attention to the most important elements.

Privacy Control Tool​

Privacy is of utmost importance in the OR. To that end, the Privacy Control Tool allows users to precisely choose what content they share by making it straightforward to hide faces or sensitive and confidential information that would otherwise be visible on screen.

Face-to-face Video​

Never underestimate the power of face-to-face communication: a uniquely effective way to teach, explain and learn. So Proximie has, of course, made it possible to see and be seen when you log into a session, whether you’re in the operating room or joining remotely.

Picture-in-picture Video Display​

Any user in a session can use the picture-in-picture function to reduce the size of the video on the screen, so that the rest of the screen can be used for other purposes, such as viewing a website or another document that you are working on.​


The Spotlight feature allows users to prioritize certain streams, so that they can focus on one camera feed at a time, while secondary feeds remain displayed alongside the primary. With this feature, users need never lose sight of what’s going on elsewhere in the OR, even when the spotlight is on the feed showing the procedure.

Proximie provides intuitive access to all of these features from the session controls live screening interface - so everything and anything a user might want to do with the platform is available literally at their fingertips. So why not try it yourself - and find out just how easy it is to digitally transform your OR with the power of Proximie?

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