Upload your videos

Upload your videos to your personalised Proximie video library for future review. At any time you can invite your colleagues to connect with you and engage in a live discussion about the content using the augmented reality tools and chat function. These interactions are also saved to your library for further collaboration or reference. To upload, you need to have registered to the platform first.

The uploaded video will be in your personal video library within 24 hours.


Familiarise yourself with new techniques, products and procedures.


Live proctoring by experts in any surgical environment. Record all cases to a secure cloud library for future use.


Remote surgical coaching of procedures. Optional assessment and accreditation.

Please note: Proximie uses SOC-2 and HIPAA certified technologies from Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, which are compliant with the ISO27001 global security standards, and located regionally for strict compliance. We enforce internal compliance training and are independently audited on our high standards of security.