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A reminder that despite the power of technology, it’s people that are the real enablers; and it’s now more than ever that we need to stick together.

Pining for those water cooler moments.

Written by Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, CEO and Founder of Proximie

Stop. Pause. Take a deep breath. This is important. We are mere humans, so let’s not try and be superheroes. Let’s make sure we hit 2021 with the right understanding and support for each other. Normally, when we start a new year we are full of hope and optimism, and puppy-like enthusiasm. (Well at least I try to be). However, the toll on our lives that Covid-19 has taken can drag each of us down, and in different ways. No matter how resilient we all think we have become, we need to be kind to ourselves and realise we are all facing the fatigue effects of endless zoom calls, homeschooling, loneliness and spinning work plates. We all have those moments, none of us are super human and let’s remember that.

January for me, is the perfect time to pause, reflect and not get drawn into the relentless routine of our current working lives.

It’s about taking it day-by-day as we start the year in very difficult circumstances. I want my ‘family’ to stop and think about the year ahead, your goals and how you are going to deliver them.

To protect our individual health and wellbeing we need to support each other as a team. I can’t do my job without each and every single one of you. Let’s talk. Let’s share. Let’s continue to be open with each other and let’s be understanding in the coming weeks and months. Emotions will run high and we will all have challenging moments: mentally and physically. Let’s all respect and support each other and leave no teammate alone. Together we are stronger and can support each other through, what will hopefully, be a final set of lockdowns across the globe.

It’s ok things aren’t perfect.

It’s ok if you need to take time out.

I understand it’s super hard to find headspace. I want you to know, it’s ok if things aren’t perfect at the moment. There is an element of survival and protection over our individual health. I think working from home and seeing more of our families has brought us closer together, and had many positives to take forward, despite the negatives. The one thing I miss personally is those office ‘water cooler’ chats. Those moments that are catalysts for information, creativity and dare I say laughter.

It’s difficult to have those ‘water cooler’ moments in the current world we are living in, it’s either Zoom or a phone call — there is no water cooler middle ground. We’re not robots. We’re not machines. These tender moments are what make us human. They make us the extraordinary species we are — we are built to be social and to work together. I can’t wait to share some of these moments with you all in 2021. It’s those moments that define us as people, and remind me the unfair advantage I have at Proximie, not the technology, the people. Each and every single one of you.

It’s ok things aren’t perfect. It’s ok if you need to take time out. It’s ok if things are feeling too much. It’s ok if you need to talk. It’s ok if you need to cry. It’s ok if you need to rant. It’s ok if you need more time. It’s ok if you need help.

It’s ok.

Remember we are together. We are a global family.

Proximie against the world, trying to save lives, taking each day at a time.

Let’s remember this year, we need to start the year keeping an eye a little closer to home. With great humans, comes huge optimism in 2021. We will ‘water cooler again’ — I promise you that!