Proximie is device and platform agnostic, cloud-based SaaS product. It uses everyday technology – any pair of computers, tablets or smartphones with cameras can be used to connect surgeons & students, in real time, anywhere in the world.  Proximie layers digitally created content on a live video stream, to provide “hands-on” virtual assistance. It effectively enables a remote surgeon to virtually “scrub-in”.

The ‘remote’ surgeons can guide a case with commentary and screen markings, which the ‘local’ surgeons (performing the procedure) can see in real time on own screen.

Surgeons and students can communicate through audio, screen annotations and direct messaging via Proximie. Proximie can take a live video feed from both a surgical scope (or any device with a video output) and from any 2D or 3D camera in the OR.

Proximie requires minimal bandwidth, so it can be deployed in almost any healthcare setting from remote rural hospitals to tertiary specialist centers.

Proximie can integrate with EMR’s, clinical information feeds and medical imaging systems to support clinical decision making through a combined AR view.

How Medical students benefit from :

  • Democratize access to (undergraduate and post graduate) medical education
  • Enable one surgeon to deliver interactive real-time training to an unlimited number of students, almost anywhere in the world.
  • Provide enhanced experiential learning through access to specialist surgical cases from global centers of excellence.
  • Integration of additional clinical content to enrich the educational experience.
  • Video library of specialist surgical cases for reference and training.
  • Data analytics to monitor student engagement and feedback.
  • Ability to create personal video portfolio of cases for training and assessment.

“The view is actually better than the view most medical students are able to get even when in the operating room”

Aiden Haslam (4th year Surgical Student)

How Surgeons benefit from Proximie:

  • Real-time peer-to-peer collaboration and remote assistance between surgeons, almost anywhere in the world.
  • Flexible solution that can be used in the operating room, in the clinic, on the ward or on call.
  • Remote pre-operative consultation and post-operative follow-up of patients; saving costs and time for surgeons and providing a more flexible experience for patients.
  • Cases can be recorded to a secure personal library for education and review.
How Hospitals & Healthcare systems benefit from Proximie:

  • Enable rapid, real-time, interactive surgical and medical assistance from on-call experts in the Operating Room, in the clinic or on the ward.
  • Help improve surgical outcomes for patients and reduce variability in the quality of care.
  • Reduce costs of delivering healthcare, increase throughput, and open up new income opportunities through export of specialized skills and remote services.
  • Support collaboration and learning opportunities with national and global specialists
  • Data analytics to monitor KPI’s
How Device companies benefit from Proximie

  •  Remote training of customers and staff, without the cost and inconvenience of travel.
  • Real-time interactive AR visualization tools to deliver an outstanding, best-in-class, educational experience.
  • Extend reach beyond traditional training and education programs, across almost any global location.
  • Enable real-time interactive product support
  • Data analytics to deliver customer insights and support marketing
  • Customized library of video content, training material, and other value-added content
How Proximie is improving Healthcare across the world:

  • Improve global access to safe surgical skills through remote interactive assistance and education, in resource-poor and conflict areas.
  • Community of global experts to provide remote surgical assistance and education, without the logistics and costs of
  • Can be used with low-speed internet and everyday affordable technology – almost any device with a camera is supported.
  • Library of recorded specialist cases, training material and video portfolio to deliver an outstanding educational experience.