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Prepare, Perform, Perfect

Proximie’s three step methodology to enable scalable training of surgeons.

‘The concept of Prepare, Perform, Perfect is very simple,’ says Proximie co-founder and surgeon Nadine Hachach Haram. “It’s about the safe adoption of new techniques, procedures or medical devices, by minimising risk through pre-surgical learning, carefully staggered ‘live’ training and peer to mentor coaching to ‘perfect’ your work.”

The Proximie platform enables this learning by harnessing a collective network of expertise and connecting those who are highly experienced in a technique to those that want to learn, refine or perfect their skills.  An example may be where an expert passes on their skills to an equally capable surgeon, but one who has limited experience of a type of procedure. But the real power of its capabilities is that it is not limited to one to one, the training can be delivered to any number surgeons from any number of surgeons in a controlled and sustainable fashion.

Here’s how it works:


The “trainee” can review expert procedures uploaded onto their unique web-based Proximie account. Here, they can then connect with live cases to observe, interact and discuss the techniques.


Upon completion of face to face training, and as the trainee gains confidence, training can transition to being undertaken remotely using Proximie. This is where the expert can either connect live when the trainee is completing their first few cases, and/or the cases are recorded, including their augmented reality annotations, notes and audio discussions, for the expert to review and provide feedback at a later stage.


The content generated through this learning journey, means that the trainee can self reflect and review their own work, comparing their progress over time. Proximie also provides the option to invite peer to peer coaching, mentor input or review by the expert.

‘Ultimately, as practising surgeons, all of this type of training is aimed at improving patient outcomes,” says Nadine, “ensuring this expertise, normally siloed geographically or physically, can be shared as part of a continual cycle of learning.”

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