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Case Study

The American University of Beirut Medical Centre (AUBMC) was evaluating a new technique from a medical device company and required company representatives to provide support during the first surgical cases. To ensure there was no disruption to the scheduled surgical caseload, due to the possibility of travel conflicts or short notice, the team engaged the use of Proximie’s remote telesurgery platform to connect experts from the US, Europe and the surgical team in Lebanon. Dr Albert Hajj, Assistant Professor of Urology at AUBMC, said: “Proximie provided a ‘virtual’ presence from the company in the operating theatre whereby they were able to engage in real time to assist with the correct set-up of their equipment and provide step by step clinical support of the surgical technique for both the surgeons and the operating room staff.” Since this first case, both AUBMC and the medical device company routinely use Proximie for remote support within theatre. Dr Hajj added: “For the company it has no doubt saved them significant international travel costs and time, whereas for us it minimises the non-hospital staff present within the operating room and ensures the best patient outcome. It even allows us to review the product usage after the event to continue to enhance our collective learning.”

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  • Real-time support

At the touch of a button, your customers can receive immediate, or scheduled, support from a mentor, company representative or Proximie community, helping to gain and grow client confidence during the adoption of your technologies.

  • Collaboration

Promote your product or procedure for success by building a community of experts who can share their knowledge with others.

  • Customer-orientated

Create a digital footprint for every customer interaction, allowing you to build data around which materials or types of support help your users effectively adopt new products and resolve practical difficulties.


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