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International Society of Hip Arthroscopy

Case Study

“Our mission at the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA) is to be able to promote and improve patient care through collaboration, education and funding of research. Proximie will help us deliver this.” explains Tony Andrade, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and board member of ISHA.

“ISHA is a progressive society with members in all four corners of the globe. With all the different time zones and our busy schedules, sharing best practice and collaborating in real time is very difficult.

“We needed to find a mechanism to do this, one which was affordable, accessible and scalable. That is why we chose to work with Proximie.

“Proximie’s ability to connect surgeons from across the world in real time, together with engaging augmented reality video content means it can help us deliver our mission of promoting and improving patient care through collaboration and education for our members.

“It is exciting, as it is so simple to record a series of live surgery cases which enables us to engage the ISHA community in a unique way. All of these procedures will be stored on the ISHA Proximie platform and shared with our global community.”

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  • Limitless content whenever you need it

Enable members to keep abreast of the latest practice and techniques with access to our database of live interactive surgeries supported by augmented reality, presentations and guidelines.

  • User data tailored to your needs

Record and analyse each member’s interaction to understand which content is of value with ‘most watched’ and ‘most popular playlist’ features.

  • Enhanced educational support

Unrivalled visibility of an attendee’s progress throughout a course enabling live instruction at any stage.

  • Accessible from anywhere

Connect with members in any location through a simple WiFi connection to facilitate the sharing of best practice regardless of geographical location.

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