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Proximie enables hospitals to put the patient at the forefront of care through increasing 'real-time' specialist collaboration, regardless of location, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

King's College London

Case Study

King’s College wanted to connect clinical experts and trainees from several of its sites so it could enable a multidisciplinary approach to live surgery without any of the team having to travel. Through our telesurgery and augmented reality platform, radiologists, oncologists and trainee surgeons were able to collaborate and deliver a successful patient outcome. Time and money was saved due to the geographical constraints of each individual’s location being removed. Proximie’s ability to work at a low bandwidth made it accessible for all parties and the visual and auditory tools provided through the platform enabled the team to experience the case as if they were in the room, as well as engaging with each other effectively. It also allowed trainees of various disciplines to learn and interact with the surgery. Following the surgery, the case was stored on the safe and secure library section of Proximie for future review. Professor Prokar Dasgupta, Professor of Robotic Surgery and Urological Innovation at King’s College, said: “Proximie is a game-changer. It means that irrespective of the patient’s location, they get the best expertise available even in a place where that’s not always possible. Ultimately this means that procedures are safer than ever and that patients will receive the best care possible.”

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  • Support the delivery of remote services 

Enable doctors to provide remote consultations to reduce unnecessary travel time and increase efficiencies.

  • Improve hospital collaboration

Proximie facilitates rapid communication between healthcare professionals regardless of their location. Specialist experts from different hospital departments, or external organisations, can provide additional input at multidisciplinary meetings or in the operating theatre ensuring patients get the very best treatment, the first time.

  • Create a robust digital footprint for future learning

Record and securely store surgical procedures on the Proximie platform for accessible, on-the-spot education at no additional cost.

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