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By Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, Founder and CEO of Proximie.

The last year has been tough, with everyday still taking its toll. If there was some light at the end of all of this, it’s that the pandemic has accelerated a new era of healthcare. One where the adoption of technology to help support healthcare professionals and systems is now very real. I believe this is the awakening of a new age, as technology can do so much more to support our amazing healthcare professionals across the globe and ultimately reduce variation in patient care.

At Proximie in the last year we have seen the rapid deployment of our technology to help connect clinicians, as well as to assist with the training of the next generation of surgeons, who in particular have seen their educational paths change overnight. We’ve helped save lives across the globe, scrubbing-in surgeons from Eastbourne to Africa, America to Asia, South America to Europe, as well as being deployed on the front line by the British military, with recent cases, although classified, being world firsts that I can’t wait to share.

So, what now? The truth is, it feels like we now have lift off, and everything we have been working towards now makes sense — this is our time. We have plans to launch further into Asia and the Middle East, with Japan and India all countries we can make a huge impact in. While the next chapter for us is exciting, it comes with key strategic decisions to map out, as well as finding more incredible humans to help make our technology successful.

We are now answering a new set of questions as a business, like which country next? How can we deploy in more developing countries? Can we deploy in the world’s toughest climates and hardest to reach areas? With my own personal ambition, of having Proximie deployed on every continent — Antarctic expeditions may need to be on our list! There are a brave new set of challenges to confront.

There’s a phrase that seems to ring true with the approach of every winning sports team: we go again. I’ve become fixated with it. Seeing some of the headlines around the world we have received, such as the Sunday Times and The Telegraph, I am truly humbled. It’s incredible to see the impact our technology has had on peoples’ lives. Ultimately, our business is judged on the next life saved. Not the last one, or the one before. The next one.

“To take the next step on our mission, we need to go again. More surgeons. More countries. More lives saved.”

With the brilliant people at Proximie we will continue to innovate our platform, and this experience will be at the heart of our development in the next year. Our early adopters will be at the forefront of helping us fine tune our technology.

Quite simply, when I look at the headlines, it reaffirms my belief in our mission, but acts as a timely reminder that there is so much more work to be done. We’ve managed to get this far, but we are determined to widen our reach and our impact. Join us, and follow our journey this year. We want to broaden our user base to help as many people as possible.

If you’re a clinician, surgeon or work in the operating room, please reach out to us.

“The more we collaborate the more we learn, the better we can build the borderless operating room of the future, together.”

Our shared experiences are what should inform a better future for healthcare. And, if you’re a patient, just know this: we will work harder than ever to ensure the operating room of the future is one where anyone, anywhere in the world can have access to the best expertise at any time. Where you live will no longer be a factor in the level of treatment you have access to.

We go again…

…to the next one.