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We are looking for a passionate engineer who is looking to build their knowledge in MedTech. Within typical business hours, the operations engineer will be trained to co-support multiple sites in and around their region. This involves building/bug fixing PCs, network troubleshooting, meeting, and demonstrating the Product to clients.

The candidate will report to the VP of Operations.


  • Assist healthcare system customers scattered across the U.S.
  • Lead the implementation and initial configuration process for new deployments
  • Consult with hospitals to modify firewalls/routers and to diagnose networking problems
  • Ensure Adequate high-quality video call functionality and conduct on-site debugging when faults are detected.
  • Educate physicians and hospital personnel on computer use, typical troubleshooting situations, and procedures using the Proximie system
  • Contribute to the delivery of implementations
  • Offer Technical Support in and around the designated location
  • Debugging hardware builds and construction
  • Documentation and distribution of products/hardware and keeping it up to date
  • Product administration such as user account creation
  • Ability to work in a team or work on their own
  • Frequent travel within the US to hospital sites for the implementation and instruction of prospective hospital and medical device customers
  • Ability to visit site locations and ship kit to site
  • Execute on strategic operation initiatives for the company


  • Fluent English speaking with reading and writing ability
  • BSc Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering (Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, or Biomedical) or similar
  • Experience in IT troubleshooting and network protocols
  • Experience in hardware troubleshooting, building, tracking
  • Experience in software troubleshooting, remote access, permissions
  • Experience in media hardware and software such as Webcams,
    Media encoders, Bluetooth headsets, etc
  • Experience in a fast-paced start-up company
  • Experience in stock/vendor management
  • Collaborate with engineering and product teams to identify opportunities
    for process improvements, recommend system modifications, and develop
    policies for data governance.
  • Experience in Microsoft Office Products
  • Evidence of no criminal record e.g. UK DBS Cleared


  • Awareness of process and compliance certifications such as ITIL, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, etc
  • Experience supporting medical systems
  • Experience working in cross-functional and geographically dispersed teams
  • Experience working with macOS and Windows OS
  • Knowledge and understanding of Dynamics CRM software
  • Can speak a second language fluently such as Spanish, German, Mandarin, etc
  • Location: Flexible within the United States, preferably located near to a major airline hub
  • Estimated Traveling within the United States (30%-60%)