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Proximie is hiring a director to lead the team responsible for Proximie’s global infrastructure services. These services and the team that deliver them are critical to all platform capabilities and support the complete development cycle for all Proximie products and services.

Proximie is a distributed company, but you’ll be available in core UK working hours and available to travel to the office in Central London on a weekly basis, pandemic lockdowns permitting.

You will be managing and growing the team to at least 7 and report to the CTO.

Your team will be responsible for:

  • The design, validation, implementation and maintenance of infrastructure always in the context of product and regulatory / compliance requirements.
  • All aspects of capacity and resilience management of all infrastructure.
  • Reporting on and analysis of infrastructure performance and utilisation and composing / executing action plans for continuous improvement.
  • Advising developers on optimal infrastructure usage patterns and assisting with their implementation where appropriate.
  • Investigation, root cause analysis and remediation of infrastructure errors and defects.
  • On-call support of delivery team escalations and incident management
  • Cost optimisation of infrastructure


  • Understand the regional regulatory and data landscape and define regulatory strategy.
  • Manage regulatory submissions worldwide, particularly in the US and EU
  • Evolve the quality management system to meet Proximie’s growing needs and expanding product portfolio
  • Manage global data legal outside counsel teams to deliver the Proximie platform worldwid
  • Perform role of Data Protection Officer under GDPR and equivalent roll in other regions, or assign responsibility appropriately and provide oversigh
  • Provision of education and support to the operations team in relation to data privacy and hospital deployment cycle
  • Work with the operations team to ensure hospital (data related) contracting is completed correctly and remains up to date as the product / regulations evolve
  • Responsibility for defining internal data privacy-related policies & procedures and monitoring compliance.


In Proximie, Devops are the practices embedded in delivery teams that improve reliability and predictability of software and are also rapidly engaged when issues (especially production issues arise). Within your span of control is:

  • The physical and software infrastructure environment used by Proximie for continuous integration and deployment onto different environments.
  • Participating in and providing a toolset to support investigation into issues within commercially sensitive environments (and most especially production and live demo environments).
  • Implementation of automated instrumentation, telemetry and monitoring tools, and the processes for acting on that information.
  • Toolsets used for configuration management of different environments (as distinct from “feature flags” within any software artefact


  • Cloud native – a comprehensive understanding of cloud native technologies is expected. Knowledge and understanding of AWS is preferred, and you should either have or be able to demonstrate equivalent knowledge of AWS Certifications: Solutions Architect (Associate), Developer, and Sysops Administrator.
  • Cloud scale architectures – you must be able to design and implement scalable and reliable solutions applying modern infrastructure-as-code, distributed systems, databases, networking topologies and containerisation technologies.
  • Operational excellence – you must have demonstrable expertise developing a culture of excellence within your team(s) to maximise for reliability and accountability.
  • Software delivery — Agile Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) and change management awareness are essential.
  • Management by Service Level Objectives (SLOs) – experience selecting appropriate availability targets for the services and manage the services to those SLOs.
  • Proficiency with cyber security – specialism is not a requirement but must know common security working practices. It is preferable that you have experience applying DevSecsOps to address compliance requirements across GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2, FedRAMP and related.


  • Knowledge of data privacy laws (especially GDPR, HIPAA).
  • Live and on-demand streaming technologies – including but not limited to WebRTC, VoIP, HLS, DASH and common codecs and protocols.
  • Multi-cloud architectures – experience designing solutions that at times must be able to run across dissimilar cloud and edge compute platforms.
  • Client-side environments – common clients side artefacts such as web browsers and their capabilities, for the purposes of analysis and investigation of issues.
  • While in the role, to the degree you do not yet have those skillsets that are beneficial, you should seek to develop them through continuous professional development.