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Case study: Enhancing surgical expertise with the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA)

Earlier this year Proximie joined forces with the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA) to help it in its mission to share the latest advances in arthroscopic surgery of the hip with its members for the benefit of patient care.

Our project with ISHA enables members to interact with ‘live’ hip arthroscopy surgeries in a secure way via the Proximie platform using audio, visual and augmented reality features for more engaging content; be remotely proctored by a global expert from any location in order to enhance their surgical techniques and access pre-recorded footage of procedures. Each surgeon who signs up to the platform is given a personalised dashboard with content that is curated for them.

ISHA board member and Consultant orthopaedic hip and knee surgeon at the Circle Reading Hospital, UK, Tony Andrade, said: “Proximie’s ability to connect surgeons from across the world in real time, together with engaging augmented reality video content means it can help us deliver our mission of promoting and improving patient care through collaboration and education for our members.

“It is exciting, as it is so simple to record a series of live surgery cases which enables us to engage the ISHA community in a unique way. All of these procedures will be stored on the ISHA Proximie platform and shared with our global community.”

The accessibility of the platform, in that it has low bandwidth requirements, means that it is easy to connect wherever you are regardless of your country’s infrastructure. Nearly 100 members have signed up to the project so far and in June they were invited to three live collaborative events with Dr Andrade and Dr Chuck Cakic, an orthopaedic hip surgeon based at Life Fourways Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa. Surgeons from Brazil, Columbia, Ireland, Singapore, USA, France and UK joined the real-time event and post-case are reviewing the collaboration between Dr Andrade and Dr Cakic.

Isha live surgical event


Proximie’s Bryn Davies, who has been leading the project with ISHA, said: “We are delighted that so many members have signed up to our project with ISHA and would love for more to do so for even greater collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

“The power of the platform lies in its ability to connect surgeons together who otherwise may not have come across each other. A surgeon in the UK can learn directly from another in South Africa or America without leaving home, and vice versa.”

More events are to follow as the project gains momentum with a total of six sites to be set up to record and stream live or pre-recorded content to share with the ISHA membership. Once the centres are set up, a timetable of events will be scheduled with monthly live cases, surgical collaborations and post-operative discussion all using augmented reality recorded and made available to ISHA members. Future plans may also see the addition of new features such as 3D anatomy being streamlined alongside the surgical video to aid education and learning.

Chuck Cakic live surgery

Paul Haggis, ISHA member and hip arthroscopy fellow in Bournemouth, UK, said: “I think Proximie is great. It will definitely be useful with surgeon mentorship programmes (e.g Tony Andrade providing advice when I do my first labral graft in a few years), and I am very excited about ISHA using it for live surgery demonstrations. It was very easy to log in – even in the middle of a busy fracture clinic!”

The next live event is expected to take place on July 30. ISHA members who haven’t yet signed up to the project, can do so at

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