Yale Medical Students receive ‘hands-on’ surgical teaching with Proximie

Our new partnership with Yale Medical School is revolutionising the way medical students learn and experience live surgery.

Medical students at Yale are using the Proximie platform as part of their educational programme, giving them the opportunity to interact directly with operating surgeons and providing them with access to procedures and operations that they may otherwise have only read about in a text book or via a simulated video.

Yale medical students using ProximieYale medical students using Proximie


Neurosurgeon and Yale Professor Charles Duncan, MD, said: “We are excited to use the Proximie platform. Yale is always at the forefront of innovation and technology, and Proximie enables us to use augmented reality to provide a rich and innovative learning experience for our students.”

As well as interacting with the operating surgeon via Proximie, students can capture and store photos and videos on its secure cloud-based server for future learning.

Bill Stewart, Section Chief and Professor of Surgery at Yale Medical School’s Anatomy Lab said: “Proximie Augmented Reality gives us an interactive platform where students can remotely watch surgeries, annotate on their screen and take snap shots for later viewing.”