Our research shows that 75% of medical students feel they have been unable to witness surgical techniques closely due to crowding in theatre. Often student feedback and interest in a surgical career is impacted by this lack of access and theoretical approach.

100% would prefer to watch live surgery with interactive features instead of replays, video feeds or simulations.

With Proximie, students can interact directly with an operating surgeon opening up opportunities to ask questions, annotate and visualize techniques, which previously have been largely explained in text books or video.

Proximie, University College London (UCL) and The Royal Free Hospital are working together to use the platform used as an integral part of the undergraduate surgical teaching curriculum. This will see surgeries streamed from the Royal Free Hospital theatres, covering; Plastics, General, Vascular and Orthopaedics.

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“We…want to break the boundaries of surgical education by adopting revolutionary interactive augmented reality teaching to improve student/teacher interaction and make students more enthused about surgery as a future career.”

Afshin Mosahebi, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon..

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