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Around 5 billion people in the world do not have access to safe surgery and 1.27million surgical providers will need to be trained by 2030 to cope with this. Qualified surgeons are missing from under-resourced regions and providing the quality healthcare that people need has become a real challenge. Even in developed countries less students are expressing an interest in following a surgical career.

Proximie can revolutionize training and surgical support. Our technology can remotely support healthcare workers and patients where specialist skills are not immediately available.

We have worked with Global Smile Foundation, Facing the World, EsSalud Hospital Trujillo, Peru Cleft Program and Al Awda Hospital, Gaza, to help surgeons change the lives of people who would not otherwise have access to surgical expertise.

Watch our video to see our work in Gaza

“We wanted to push the idea that with only the minimum hardware, and minimum infrastructure you can still pull it off. With just two tablets, iPad to iPad, we’re able to perform surgery”

Mr Ghassan Abu-Sitta
Head of Plastic Surgery at the American University of Beirut Medical Centre

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