How it works

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is an interactive realtime view of the real-world environment with added 3D images, computer generated images, sound, video, and surgical metrics.

How is Proximie using augmented reality?

Proximie allows remote specialists to have an immediate and interactive experience of an operation without physically being there-providing benefits for the patient, the surgeon and the trainee.

Using our platform, whether on a tablet, on a computer or mobile device, you can log on and connect up with your surgical team, attending surgeon, remote surgeon, and student.  Proximie is a Cloud based solution able to function on any hardware system and integrate securely and seamlessly with your existing EMR and medical maging systems bringing patient data together onto one screen.  Proximie Platform is HIPAA compliant and UK/NHS N3 approved network.

Technical Specification

  • A cloud-based platform means no onsite software installation
  • HIPAA compliant – meeting the standard for protecting sensitive patient data
  • Approved by the NHS/N3 Network
  • Personalised dashboard for each user
  • Online public and private chat tools
  • Optional cloud based secure data storage for images and video

Truly global, with teams throughout Europe, the US and the Middle East, we believe in working together to develop cutting edge technologies that have a real impact on people’s lives.

How it works

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