Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Marc Tompkins

Proximie: a surgeon’s view

Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Marc Tompkins on how he is using Proximie as a practicing surgeon and educator.

Q. Have you ever used an augmented reality (AR) tool in the operating room?

I have used an AR tool as the remote surgeon in live surgery. I have also used the tool as the local host for remote teaching of my residents. And, I have used AR to enhance my instruction of trainees during arthroscopic education.

Q. For how long have you been using Proximie?

I have been using Proximie for over one year

Q. How do you see augmented reality transforming how we work, collaborate, and train? 

I strongly feel that augmented reality can change the paradigm of how we interact with patients and colleagues and can enhance how we learn and how we instruct in the medical field.

Q. How is such technology impacting the US healthcare system? 

I am not sure the technology is dramatically changing the landscape of medicine in the US yet, but I think that it is very possible for that to happen in the future.

Q. Can Proximie improve medical education?

As I’ve noted above, I think augmented reality can make a significant difference in medical education.  In particular, I think it can be leveraged to change the way that information transfer (education) happens especially when going from resource rich environments to resource poor environments.

Q. What is your feedback?

I think the technology is very promising for improving healthcare for patients around the world.