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Read our at-a-glance guide to what our augmented platform is all about, and why embracing computer technology advances is necessary to transform healthcare.

What Is AR? And What Has It Got To Do With Healthcare?

What is AR? And what has it got to do with healthcare?

As clever as technology is, the majority of people would probably still raise an eyebrow at…

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Proximie. Breaking The Boundaries

Proximie. Breaking the Boundaries

"We at Royal Free Hospital & UCL medical school want to break the boundaries of surgical…

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Where Has Proximie Been Used So Far?

Where has Proximie been used so far?

Proximie continues to work globally as part of our social impact projects and has successfully been…

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How Does The Proximie Platform Work?

How does the Proximie platform work?

Essentially you can log on to the platform using an internet connection and then see what…

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How Can Proximie Change Healthcare For The Better?

How can Proximie change healthcare for the better?

It can essentially bring several areas of expertise together to pool their knowledge and bring about…

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For Those Of You Who Haven’t Come Across Augmented Reality Before, Here’s What It Is?

For those of you who haven’t come across Augmented Reality before, here’s what it is?

Unlike virtual reality, which created computer-generated environments, Augmented Reality is closer to the real world because…

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Innovation With A Cause

Innovation with a cause

Proximie aims to radically transform surgery by eliminating the barriers of time and space with the…

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Bringing Remote Virtual Assistance To The Wider Population

Bringing remote virtual assistance to the wider population

Approximately two-thirds of the world’s population lacks access to many common, safe surgeries. One software company,…

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Providing Greater Access To Skilled Surgeons

Providing greater access to skilled surgeons

Despite a significant growth in diseases requiring surgical intervention, to date there is still gross disparities…

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Proximie, The Future Of Surgery

Proximie, The Future of Surgery

"Whether it's used for education or to conduct delicate surgeries in conflict zones, internet enabled software…

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Doctor Uses Tablet To Conduct Remote Surgery In Gaza

Doctor uses tablet to conduct remote surgery in Gaza

"We wanted to push the idea that with only the minimum hardware, and minimum infrastructure you…

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