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Most of us are familiar with the feeling of needing to be in two places at the same time. Proximie allows you to do just that. You can be at any hospital, or location; practicing or on call, and provide assistance to a surgeon in the operating theatre.

You can directly connect with your multi-disciplinary team to make decisions quicker and give hands on input more quickly, and more effectively; thus improving patient outcomes and reducing operating times, travel times and discharging patients more quickly. You can provide training for junior colleagues, or request valuable expertise for yourself. Proximie is an interactive platform that will transform the way you work. All you require is a tablet, laptop, mobile or desktop computer and an Internet connection.

Proximie is being used by institutions such as; University College London and The Royal Free Hospital, London, the University of California Riverside, USA and the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

Further benefits of Proximie include the ability to store photos and videos on our secure server for future training. Proximie brings together and displays all patient data from its HIPAA and N3 compliant platform, which means patient data is kept safe and secure. In addition, Proximie provides a way for services to be remotely offered to other institutions, be that by improving service levels for existing contracts, or by introducing new private surgical assistance or training contracts.

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“This technology really allows us to encompass all perspectives in surgical management”

Dr. Raj Vyas
Chief of Plastics and Cleft Surgery, University of California, Riverside

“Put simply, Proximie can give unparalleled access for patients to specialist doctors anywhere.”

Colm Reilly
CCEO of the UK Lebanon Tech Hub

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